"The Great Mormon Novel of the 21st Century"


"The Great Mormon Novel of the 21st Century" is my first attempt at producing a book only for the Kindle marketplace. Which may be a tad ironical since I don't own a Kindle, but hey! It's Amazon's world. I just live in it.

This story's appearance in the Irreantum contest led a writer I greatly respect to say that Theric's a terrific writer, but he's never going to make a living. Submitted to another of the Mormon rags, I heard from the editor who told me the story was brilliant and excellent and perfect and that she hated everything it stands for and so she feels obliged to publish it but she can't without it being rewritten, but her only rewrite advice is to throw the whole thing out and start all over. (Did you get all that?) I decided to just withdraw it from consideration.

Between those two experiences---and since them as well---I've tried my luck at some Gentile outlets to no avail. Perhaps it's a terrible story. Perhaps it's just what the world needs right now. Or was when it was written. I wrote it just before the great Great Mormon Novel Brouhaha of 2010 and it's been floating around ever since. So it's gone from being zeitgeist to johnny-come-lately. Which is kind of the story of my creative life.

Sigh. Poor, poor Theric.

Anyway, here it is! It finally exists! Make it thine!


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    Bonus point to whomever can identify the book in the cover image.

    (Hint: it's upside down.)

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  3. I believe in you, Harvey Den--er, Eric. Purchased.

  4. Just got my copy of this much anticipated story...

  5. Shortest novel ever. But I look forward to reading it.

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    Yeah. I hate that you can't price lower than 0.99, but O! Great Amazon! forgive my unbelief!

  7. Careful. Keep blaspheming and they'll send their drones after you.