Svithetacular 183.5
(Sunday only)


I've let the Svithetacular die of late because as the nature of social media has changed, it has seemed a less helpful exercise. But: Saturday I had a hard time focusing on Conference without any decent excuse. And so I'm taking notes svithetacular-style Sunday to see if it helps. (I may not do afternoon however, as we may be watching it at someone else's home.)


President Eyring
But one plan of happiness: to follow all the commandments of God.

Starting with the two great commandments, yo.

cleanliness ≈ happiness

rejecting or neglecting calls to serve the savior can put us in spiritual danger

ambiguous phrasing: She offered him a chance to do what he thinks best and he turned down the offer.

I like how, after closing his quote, he mentioned the speaker again by name. That should lessen the likelihood of the quote being misattributed to him.

faithful enough to come into the world while many others were not

we can't force it on others but we can let them see it in our lives

Elder Oaks
this talk also gets into the two big commandments, this time to discuss priorities

declining married rates is a legit topic, as nervous as it may make some corners of the Twitter Stake

Sister Oscarson
by antibiotics are twisting my stomach and the kids have gotten crazy loud of a sudden---this plan is not working as well as I'd hoped....

Elder Maines
no idea what he's going on about---I've been feeling a series of parenting crises

be spiritually prepared

Joseph Maines, missionary, dies suddenly. Not immunity from death, but victory over it through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Elder Scott
Ammon missionary, tale of those people---I missed the connection between them and the virtuous teenaged Idaho girl

youth taking up arms as an important decision for their community as we consider the feelings of their parents

fathers, not children, are supposed to protect their families

one could make the argument that being willing to lose their souls to protect their families would be the higher decision / they were clean, fully repented / so why were they counseled not to pick up their weapson?

because part of repentence is to bear the short- and long-term consequences of their sins...eg, carnal appetite.

the Lord sees weaknesses differently than he sees rebellion . . . he sees them through the lens of mercy

all come to earth with the light of christ

weak things become strong

Satan will try to use our memory of any previous guilt to lure us back into his influence

the same good things about those people can be true of us

but I'm still waiting for that teenager's reappearance . . . I have a feeling I missed the segue though and she aint coming back

remember, repentance is not punishment

it is a hope filled path to a more glorious future

President Monson
he's found this one of the most inspiring sessions of all time

no period of human history lacked its share of human misery

I like Job.

shall we falter or shall we finish

we will be able to face our difficult problems

heartache and sorrow not so easy to measure

"My dears, I'm going to die this week. Will you please call Tommy Monson? He'll know what to do."

heavenly father has been so good to me

through sunshine and sorrow with Primary-ready actions.

whether hours of sunshine or rain may his promise ever be our watchword: i will never fail thee nor forsake thee

holy prophetic testimony

SUNDAY AFTERNOON (if I manage it)


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  1. Awesome. You should keep this up, even though blogs are so 2007. ;)

  2. .

    I really should, even if I'm the only one who ever sees them. It's the only way I'm going to take notes (Twitter doesn't count since it's not accessible months later.)