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082) Gone Fishing: A novel in verse by Tamera Will Wissinger, finished July 31

Same opinion as last time.
in the afternoon


081) Making Money by Terry Pratchett, finished July 30

First, I must say Stephen Briggs is a wonderful reader. We only started this book because Large S really really liked the sound of a novel called Making Money (suggesting a different future for him than the one his parents have followed). Lady Steed and I had checked out it along with two others for ourselves during a series of long drives. One we fit in, one we sadly returned untouched, and one was Making Money.

Pratchett was the only one of the two remaining we expected to be childsafe so we gave it a go. And even though they had a hard time following the story, Briggs's reading was so enrapturing that it hardly mattered. Frankly, the grownups in our family have a hard time following audiobooks, but Pratchett's enough fun that moments of fuzziness hardly seem to matter.

This was our first Moist von Lipwig novel and he was quite endearing. I shall finally have to read more than the preview of his novel of first appearance.

Anyway, a terrific thing for the car. And the kids were unable to catch the innuendos Pratchett employed when the characters uncover a dead man's sex dungeon. So that was good.
has it been a month yet?


080) F-Stop by Antony Johnston and Matthew Loux , finished July 29

What a load of crap. Now, I like Loux's visual style as much as ever, but it works much better on boyish exuberance in a fantastic setting than it does in world-weary fashion. But the real problem is Johnston's script. It's loaded with cliches, and skips over the difficult spots of character development forcing us to accept changes on faith. The skinny: untalented photographer's lack of skill misinterpreted as genius, making him hugely successful and model-dating until his ego starts believing what he's been told. But don't worry: there's a wise old man who shows up in order to be insulted by our young ingenue only to later teach how to really shoot.

It's that sort of book.
a week


079) Almina by Nephi Anderson, finished July 29

This bitty novella for reason took me almost three months to read. I think largely because I read it on my Nook and reading things on an edevice is simply less compelling to me. I can forget about something because there's no distinct physical reminder.

Anyway, Almina plays with tropes Anderson pioneered and have been with Mormon lit ever since. Scott Hales spoke about these in the most recent issue of Irreantum, specifically the single Mormon woman who has to choose between the nice Mormon boy and the more exciting but likely dangerous nonMormon boy. Almina is the girl and thus she must choose.

The novella is both more and less moralizing than I expected. It's early Anderson so I expected it to be clearly didactic. It was, but not always as directly as I'd expected. It's also a nonshortstory of Anderson's and so I expected more nuance. And there was, but with a sharper edge than I expected.

Upsettingly, I have no idea how to download/extract my comments and highlights from the Nook onto my computer, so that's about as specific as I'm going to get. Sorry.
almost three months


078) Creature Feature 2 by TW Brown, finished July 28

I don't know what to say about this. If I'm totally honest with my thoughts, I'll come off like a total bastard.

Here's the [bastard] thing: I'm kind of sick of being in anthologies where my contribution is, unquestionably, either the best or one of the best. This particular story still has an ending I'm unsatisfied with! But I suppose when I looked at the proof and noted to the editor that he'd spelled FOREWARD wrong---and that correction did not make the print edition---that I should not have been surprised to see many rough-draft-style errors in the book's stories. Even those that had brilliant moments or concepts were flawed in ways that simple rewriting/editing could have repaired.

Here are the stories worth reading: "Palmetto" by Suzi M and "Billy" by Michael James McFarland.

Prepare for more bastardly navelgazing.

I'm ready to see my work in higher tiers of publication. I want to read an anthology I'm in and, seeing the other stories, be amazed that they let me in too. Of course, that means I need to stop submitting elsewhere. And tell fewer stories about lycanthropy. . . .
a couplish months

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