Time for a baseball talk
A Year of Yellow?


Last year around this time, I was bemoaning the hapless teams our family follows. The Pirates would end the year breaking their own record for number of losing seasons in a row. The Athletics would also post a losing season.

[Review: I am a Pirates fan from childhood. The A's are our local team and the team my kids have adopted.]

Both franchises have storied histories, but their recent histories have been lousy.

This year, though, things are different. As of today, the A's have the third best record in the AL. The Pirates are the third best in the NL.

The Pirates seem absolutely destined for a postseason berth. The A's have a great chance themselves. In other words, an all-yellow World Series is feasible. I won't know how to deal with that.

But what seems certain is that neither yellow team will have more Ls than Ws this year. And that is remarkable.

Even more remarkable? The always sucky Washington Nationals look like a shoo-in to win their division and the long sucky Orioles are second to the Yankees in theirs.

This is one of the best years for baseball ever.

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