I tied a bow tie



I've been wanting to learn to tie a bowtie for sometime and Lady Steed gave me a couple for Christmas, but I haven't taken the time to get both YouTube and a handmirror at the same time until today. Then I pulled up the video I selected as the best clear back in February, propped the mirror up at the edge of my laptop and it only took one try. Not bad. Not perfect, but given the quality of the image, perhaps you can't tell.

Now I just need to take a deep breath and untie it. So I can do it a hundred more times and develop some muscle memory . . . .


  1. I've been told that bow ties should never be tied quite perfectly, anyway. (Slightly imperfect means you tied it yourself, after all!)

  2. .

    I had that thought, in fact.

  3. Kyle will be so jealous.

  4. .

    As well he should be.