and the art is breezy


The first prompt I gave to the art group I frequent was successful enough that they haven't needed another one since! (Yes, that is the appropriate way to interpret events.) Which means this one I brainstormed tonight won't be needed. So I give it to you. You need something to create around and this should work.

"Summertime" is the name of a number of great songs. Here are two of my favorite (recommendation --- just listen --- don't let the images define what you create):

Larry Adler and Peter Gabriel do Gershwin

The Sundays do the single from the most beautiful album ever

Or, if none of those do it for you, here are some more.


  1. I'm a Reading Writing & Arithmetic man myself.

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    So should you do something, put a link here to your flickr or deviantart or blog or whatever and I'll do another post later one what came to pass.

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    Twitter hash: #SummerArt.