On Osama Obliterated


September 11, 2001 was so long ago that it's hard to define how I feel about some Navy Seals finally taking out the badguy Teancum-style. I'm glad, yes. I feel it was an appropriate use of deadly force.

I heard the news this morning on my clockradio, but then I accidentally turned it off and slept for another thirty or forty minutes and when I woke up I was unsure whether or not it had really happened.

I wonder how Americans celebrating at the White House and Ground Zero is being played on news stations across the world. I wonder if al Qaeda will successfully pull a retaliation in the next couple weeks. I wonder how long till we're all familiar with conspiracy theorists' claims that Osama's Alive! and living in Jamaica! with a hooker!. I wonder if this will help us get our troops out of the Middle East any quicker.

I think it's cool that Obama called Bush before going on tv. I think it's cool all the Bush administration folk are being cool. I hope the positivity lasts a full week.

I hope that the military's efforts to prove that the body was Osama's and the at-sea burial all have more of the desired outcomes than unexpected bad outcomes. I hope he doesn't become The Martyr.

Where will be be in another 116 months?