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019) Wonderland by Tommy Kovac and Sonny Liew, finished February 21

When attempting a Wonderland story of any type, the greatest challenge is making it sufficiently nonsensical without alienating the audience. Carroll did this by having a nonnative to Wonderland tell the story. Burton avoided the question by changing the name of the place to Underland and making everyone down to the Mad Hatter sensible. Kovac and Liew, to their credit, don't avoid the question like last year's blanken film did, but neither do they introduce a character from the Real World. This is a tricky line to walk, but they attempt it by making their Wonderlandian protagonist obsessively sensible. She's still crazy like any good Wonderlandian, but she finds her craziness in her sensibility. Rather brilliant solution, really.

This protag is Mary Ann, the White Rabbit's never-seen maid that Alice was mistaken for in the original book. She cleans everything and that helps keep the story on a proper Wonderland tilt.

Most of the time.

Occasionally, the book forgets how to be wacky and crazy and nonsensical and curious, and, at the end, Mary Ann even loses her obsessiveness. Which I did not like. I don't like that character development was deemed to require that Mary Ann give up, in large measure, the very traits that made her a citizen of her native land.

So this was a good book --- one of the best Alice spinoffs I've read --- but imperfect.

The art's fun the writing's fine; if you're a fan, pick it up. I suppose.

three days or so


018) Redcoat by Kohl Glass (MS POLICY), finished February 18

I hope this screenplay gets filmed for a lot of reasons, but let's just say this has the potential to go seriously zeitgeist.

a little less time than it will take to watch it


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