Guess who was quoted in The New York Times Book Review last Wednesday?


Me, that's who.

Their review of the book under discussion is a good one too, if you care to follow the links.


  1. Th. approaches maximum coolocity.

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    I hope I'm wearing the proper safety equipment.

  3. Congrats from me! My brother Bryan (the NYU prof. of NY History/Literature) actually wrote me an email congratulating you on having a hefty quote in that article!

    Here's his email:
    Congrats to your bro-in-law (that *is* the same Theric, right?) on getting his blog post quoted in this wkend's Times book review. If you didn't see it/hear about it, he wrote something about a novelist Brady Udall (someone I went to college with, actually, and who grew up in St. Johns -- we're probably also related to him somehow) who has a new novel called The Lonely Polygamist. I think he's a pretty good writer -- apparently the Mormon blogs are all ablaze over his portraits of fundamentalists & especially the racier scenes. But Theric got a hefty quote in there, so good for him!

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    That's cool. I would like to meet your brother at some point. And I probably will. We're not moving in the same circles exactly, but our orbits intersect at many points.